Short getaway....

Finally it`s the weekend…even though I can`t complain because life here in Kenya is so “pole pole” (slow, relax) that you don`t really have a stress here…that`s a thing I enjoy most of the time. Sometimes it`s almost too much. It would be perfect if Switzerland would adopt a bit of this lifestyle and vise versa.
From today till Monday I am going to stay in Nairobi and just enjoy being in a city again…I`m really looking forward to drink “real” coffee, enjoy a piece of New York Cheesecake, spend the evenings in a lovely restaurant and unwind at night with an beer…
I will try to take some photos in Nairobi, from the city and the food…(I`m still learning to take my camera everywhere with me and trying to remember to take picture).. so I can show you some parts of the city.
I wish you all a nice, relaxing and adventurous weekend.


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