Over the years...beauty changes

In the last few month there were quite some changes in my make-up routine or better said, the way I think about some products. I especially realized it when I was packing all my cosmetics for Kenya. In this post I want talk about my beauty changes…

Cream to Powder Blush
Against most of the people that start to use blush, my first blush I bought was a cream product. It was the MAC Cream Blush in Laid Back. This one followed another MAC Cream Blush and then three Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges. It was just my curiosity that made me buy a powder blush and I was sure I wouldn`t like it. I have dry skin and I was afraid to put a powder product on it because I feared it will dry my skin out even more. I was so wrong…I love powder blusher. I find it easier to apply when I`m in a hurry and usually there`s a bigger selection of colors. I still use me cream blushes, but I prefer powder blushes now…

Coral and warm pink Blushes
Sticking to the point - I never ever would have thought there comes the day that I would wear a coral or pink blush. I always stayed with my warm reds, oranges and browns, like MAC Sunbasque or Bobbi Browns` Pot Rouge in Cabo Coral. Then one day it just came over me… I don`t know what made me buy that blush, but I walked out the Bobbi Brown counter with a very bad feeling that I made a buy I will regret. Well, I didn`t…I bought a Pot Rouge in the color Calypso Coral and since then similar colors followed and are even more used…expect MAC Sunbasque, in the summer nothing looks better on sun kissed skin.

Contouring my cheekbones
I used bronzer for a long long time, even before I started really getting into make-up. But I only used it to make me look a little healthier on days I felt pale. Now I can`t even imagine to not contour my cheekbones. It’s just a part of my routine I don`t even think about. I don`t know when I started to contour, but I know it`s not longer than 1-1 /2 years ago. I normally use MAC Harmony, but since I`m in Africa I use Bobbi Browns Face & Bronzing Duo and I also really enjoy it. It has more orange pigments in it, but works perfectly fine on my skin color.

Cream Shadow
I really didn`t like cream shadows when I first started using them. I liked the idea of it, a simple shadow that you can swipe on with your fingers when you`re in hurry and then it last for hours…well, there`s the problem. The first cream shadow I tried creased so badly that I didn`t give any other cream shadow a chance. Until I read a hymn on the Bobbi Brown Long -Wear Cream Shadows. So I caved and bought one…and what can I say, I used it for days and days because I loved it so much. After a year I finished it and meanwhile other colors made it into my collection…(But let me join the hymn - the Cream Shadow from Bobbi Brown are the only ones that last without another base underneath and another shadow on top of it – In my opinion they really are the best)

Light Moisturizer
A very big change in my routine was to switch out the heavy moisturizer against a light one. Like I said I have dry skin, sometime even very dry. So I always used to fight against it with heavy moisturizers that ingredients list contains lots of oils or butters and leave a creasy feeling on my skin for a few minutes. Then I started to research more because I was sick of using so much moisturizer and still suffer from dry skin. I read about the difference of dry skin and dehydrated skin and that you must differ both skin types. So I thought I give it dry and bought a cream that is for dehydrated skin, so it`s not so heavy but has a lot hydrating ingredients.  I bought the Dr. Hauschka Rose Cream light and it worked wonders and my skin. It never felt as good as before, it doesn`t feel tight and I rarely have dry patches anymore. I also have to use way less product than before and still get a better result. If you have problems with dry skin, check if it`s maybe not dry- but dehydrated.

What are somke beauty changes you experienced over the years or month?=)


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