Things I`m loving....Annemarie Börlind Eye Wrinkle Cream

In my daily beauty routine I really wouldn`t want to miss a good eye cream.
I started using eye creams about 3 years ago and since that I tried a few different ones, like Clarins, Dr. Hauschka or Alverde. The best one I found so far is from Annemarie Börlind. I own even two different one of the same brand, one I use in the evening and a lighter one in morning.
Today I want to talk about the eye cream I use in the evening:  Annemarie Börlind Eye wrinkle cream /Augenfältchen Crème.

Okay, I am 26 (almost 27) and don`t have wrinkles around my eyes, I would call them fine lines… Why I use a wrinkle cream? I really like the ingredients, I like that it`s very moisturizing (I find that wrinkle creams in generally are more moisturizing then other creams) and that it prevents the wrinkles…Once the wrinkles are there, no cream can make them disappear.
The cream comes in a sleek white metallic tube. It contains 20ml of a yellow, slightly thick cream that is easy to apply and absorbs quite quickly. It is heavier than some other eye creams I tested, but I find it just the right amount oh heaviness without overdoing it;)

What I love:
  • It really moisturizes my skin deeply, the next morning my skin around my eyes feel still soft 
  • Fine lines out of dryness disappear after a short time and I feel it really is preventing more future fine lines (Yeah, I am serious, before I used Dr. Hauschka and my eye area wasn`t as smooth and soft as now) 
  • It is not animal tested, 100% natural (Especially in skincare that`s a thing a look for) 
  • It is a metallic tube, I try to avoid plastic as much as possible 
  • Since you only need a small amount, 20 ml really do last a long time (For me about 8-9 month, when only used in the evening) 
  • It doesn`t move on my skin. Other eye creams I used (like Dr. Hauschka) somehow always got into my eyes after a while and it really burned bad)

I only have one dislike:
  • The tube is not very practically while travelling. You have to be careful that it don`t get bumps, otherwise as soon as you screw the lid open it will spill out lots of cream.

What eye cream do you use? What are you looking for in a eye cream?


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