10 little things i learned....

With my move to Africa my life changed completely...
My packs packed with just the few most important things the plain took off to a unkown place where i will be working the next 6 month.

Life here is different....the people, the climate, the food, the cultur.
It's scary, exciting, beautiful and sad all in one. All the new impressions i get...i could writte about for hours and maybe i will one day...But for now, for this post, i just wanna writte about the little things...the little things i learned while living in Africa...
  1. To sleep every night in a different Hotel/Hostel/Lodge for a few weeks is more exhausting than i thought.
  2. Everyone is telling me that learing Kisuahli is easy - Than why do i find it so hard?

     3.  Not everything here is cheap...
     4.  Even in the driest dessert or place you can find beauty

     5.  A Bus is not full until at least two persons a sharing one seat.
     6.  If it rains, it raaaaaiiinnnnssss.....

         7. A hot shower i real luxury
         8. Little baby elefants tend to freeze faster so they need to be covered


     9.  I hate living out of a packback
    10. The landscape is so different that often you wouldn`t think you`re still in the same country.

I`m excitied what the future will bring and what will be written in the next "10 little things i learned..."

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