10 little things i learned...(September)

  1. In Kenya they say that doves on the roof are a lucky cham – well lucky charm or not, they keep my from sleeping 
  2. Nowhere in Kenya you can buy earplugs – (jeez, those doves) 
  3. To live without a fridge is not as hard as I thought 
  4. I really love my wardrobe at home and wouldn`t have thought I miss it so much 
  5. To keep ANYTHING clean for one day is impossible with all this sand and dust 
  6. Harvestmen are really innocuous comparing to all the other spiders’ here– Why was I ever afraid of them? 
  7. Even after two month people don`t stop starring because of the color of my skin 
  8. When you think it doesn`t get hotter anymore – you`re wrong 
  9. People are cowardly - instead of fighting the real problem, they kill innocent 
  10. Teaching is very different here in Kenya – and I don`t know how to handle the differences
How was your September? What are the little things you learned?

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