Pumpkin Ragout

Even though here it feels nothing like autumn (and indeed it`s spring…), I wanted to eat pumpkin and join the autumn feeling - at least in my mind. 
On the market pumpkins are sold quite a lot, but the most common you get is butternut pumpkin. Because this is one of my favorite, that’s perfect for me…
Normally I would make a soup out of it, but I don`t have the tools I need for doing it, so decided to make a ragout and serve it with curry rice.

Serves 2:
1 butternut pumpkin
1 red onion
1 garlic clove
2 tomatoes
1 green pepper
Water and coconut milk
Additional: Curry rice

1.  Start by cutting all the vegetables in small pieces. If you want to you can peel your Butternut beforehand…
2.  Fry onion for about 30 seconds, then add the garlic and wait a few seconds before combining it with all the spices. On medium-heat wait 30 seconds and then add the green pepper and the tomato. 
3.  When the vegetables are starting to get softer add the pumpkin. Stir it well so that all the spices can combine with pumpkin. 

4.  Now wait for about 1-3 Minutes and add water until vegetables are covered (If you want to you can also add now the Coconut milk). Cover the pot with the lid and let it simmer on medium-or even low-heat.
5.  After about 10 minutes add a little bit of the coconut milk. You can also put it in from the beginning, but I prefer it this way…
6.  When the pumpkin is soft and the liquid has reduced, it is finished. You can check if it needs more spices.
7.  Voila – Enjoy

How do you like to eat pumpkin? Which breed is your favorite?

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