Virtuell Coffee - My Weekend

Good Morning.
It`s Monday again, crazy how fast the weekend past. Today I have the morning off and only have to be at work by noon. So I`m using my free time to have a relaxed breakfast, do my workout and read blogpost and join the virtuell coffee with Bine

My weekend was wonderful, but the weather could have been a little is getting crazy hot here. I never knew you could sweat so much when just sitting around and doing nothing. 
My Saturday morning started with my usual workout and then I and my boyfriend were invited to an African wedding - gift - ceremony. After a wedding the father of the husband gives the family of the wife a gift, usually it`s food they share with friends and do a big party. I never been on a event like this before and I was surprised that the married couple already had been married since 6 years...I thought there newlyweds. Anyways, it was interesting to be at the party. There were many chairs all lined up and everything was very organized and planned through. The food was served on a table in little boxes to keep it warm, it all was very simple, typical Kenya dishes, but very delicious.

After that Event we left to buy some vegetables and fruits on a vegetable market that is about 40min away from the village I live. Unfortunately it`s the closest to me. You can go there by bus, and they fill it up, until at least 4 person sit on 2 seats and you almost can`t breathe any more. You get used to it ;)

On Sunday I mostly relaxed. I cleaned a little in our house, got mad about another frog in our bathroom and was tiered because of the doves on our roof…They keep us from sleeping well since weeks. 

In the evening I enjoyed a cold Tusker, a typical African beer which really tastes good. And it`s not so bad to drink warm, but you have no other choice here anyways;) 

I also started to prepare green lentils because I wanted to cook Ndengu, a classic Kenya dish. But because it took my longer than I thought I didn`t went through too much….So the Ndengu has to wait;)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend =)


  1. Liebe Krisi, wie schön, dass Du mitgemacht hast... du lebst in Afrika? Du solltest unbedingt eine about page einrichten, damit man mehr über Dein Leben erfährt! ;-)
    LG Bine

    1. Liebe Bine.
      Ich freu mich über dein Kommentar. Ja, dass ist eine gute Idee. Momentan lebe ich in Afrika, aber "nur" für ein halbes Jahr=) Dann gehts zurück in die Schweiz.
      Liebe Grüsse,

  2. So, dann schau ich auch mal kurz vorbei *Kopf durch Türrahmen steck*
    Find ich ja ..warte.. Supermegahyperawesome! Vor allem, dass du in Afrika lebst ist ja echt
    stark. Und da gibt es ja so gutes scharf-fruchtiges Essen, leckeeer!

    Will auf jeden Fall mehr von deinen Rezepten inklusive Bildern haben :))

    Liebe Grüße,

  3. Deine Fotos sind wunderbar farbenfroh, sieht super aus!