Over the years...lifestyle changes

A few post ago I was talking about my beauty changes. You can read about it here.
So today I wanted to talk about my lifestyle changes.

Meat – Vegetarian – Almost Vegan
A very big change in my life was the change to become a vegetarian. About three years ago I stopped eating meat and I never regret it or missed it since then. But I have to be honest and say that I also never ate much meat beforehand, so it wasn`t maybe that hard for me than for a person that is used to eat meat every day. I usually had meat once a week, I`ve never ate sausages’ because I hated the taste of it and only ate chicken. I stopped because I couldn’t support how all the animals were treated. I was (of course still am) an animal lover and as I informed myself more and more about this whole industry and I decided to stop eating meat. Now I am more and more trying to cut out other animal products. I still love honey, I buy only organic and from small farms, but I just can`t give it up and to be honest I don`t feel so bad about it…I gave up milk, yoghurt and butter and I also don`t miss. But I`m not as precise about it, because sometime I still eat a cake from whom I know it was made with milk and butter. Also here in Kenya I sometimes just can`t avoid to drink a cup of Tea with a splash of milk in it. But I know as soon as I will be back in Switzerland, I can use my beloved almond milk again=)

Sport – Lazy – Sport
I had no idea how to name this topic. When I was young I was very active, very (healthy) thin and I could never sit still. I had a lot of lean muscle and loved being so flexible. I run around all time, danced and so on. Than when I became older I became lazy and I also gained weight. I never was heavy, I don`t think I`m fat, I would consider myself quite normal…but coming from being very thin and lean to having all of sudden more fat on my body, having to buy bigger clothing sizes, getting out of breath easily and so on…I think many of you can relate to that…why does getting older also makes us getting lazier? Oh well, as I realized from doing nothing - nothing will change, I started to work out but never stuck to it. Until about one year ago I really started to combine my workout in my daily routine. The book "Be your own Gym" really helped me to make effective changes in my routine and my workout. I`m still not as lean as I was when I was young ( of course I don`t want to look exactly like I did, I am happy to not a have a girls body anymore and love being a woman) but working out gives me energy, gives me a new body image, makes me feel good and happy, at least afterwards;) I would not want to miss it now and I feel that I am more tired when there are times I cannot work out. I am glad that I made this change.

When I was young, I really hated walking…or at least hiking. My parents loved it and so I was forced many years to walk in the Swiss Alps. Which is a beautiful place to hike, but not when you`re a child or a teenager. It remained like this for a long long time and I only realized about 2 years ago that hiking can be actually quiet fun. Now I still don`t hike for 6-8 hours like we used to when I was young, but I love to hike for about 2-4 hours. I also enjoy a long stroll on my own, it helps my clear my mind and to calm down in stressful times. I especially enjoy it in the spring and autumn, because I live close to a forest and I love to walk a see all the changes in the nature. It always makes me so happy and I feel very humble when observing how beautifully God created all of this.

What are some of your lifestyle-changes?


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  1. Hallo Krisi, ich lese deinen Blog jetzt schon eine ganze Weile und finde ihn echt interessant :-).

    Ich bin übrigens genau wie du Vegetarierin, die fast vegan lebt. Ich finde, ab und zu mal eine Ausnahme ist ok, wenn die Ausnahme wirklich eine Ausnahme bleibt und nicht zur Gewohnheit wird ;-).